Youth In Action

In September 2016, Drug Free Manatee sponsored CADCA-led National Youth Leadership training for 70 students and advisers from seven area high schools. Using the Strategic Prevention Framework each school developed their own focus for SA/MH strategies to impact youth, creating school-specific media campaigns, events etc. Here’s what they came up with:

School Issue(s) Project(s) Contact

Bayshore High School

Students identified marijuana as the problem in their school they wanted to address,
  • School-wide anti-marijuana poster campaign
  • Created PSA for morning announcements
Stacy Cummings
Braden River High School Students addressed teen alcohol and marijuana use by providing peers with various ways to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Became a official school club
  • Teamed up with other clubs to create a meditation butterfly garden
  • Have plans to create a school support group

Jenni McNally


Lakewood Ranch High School Students chose to address the  alarming number of students who are vaping what they believe to be marijuana at school
  • School wide poster and peer to peer education campaign
  • Promoted Drug-Free Youth (D-Fy) to deter students from engaging in marijuana use

Michelle Todoroff

Manatee High School  Students identified vaping marijuana as the problem they want to address in their school
  • Became an official school club
  • Created a sidewalk chalk media campaign
  • Sponsored D-Fy membership drive

Terrace Dunbar 


 Palmetto High School

 PHS students identified underage drinking as the issue they would like to address.
  • Created a poster campaign highlighting the number of student who don’t drink
  • Hosted an Alcohol Taskforce Meeting at their school

 Lynndsey Wilson 

 Southeast High School

  Addressed what they perceive as  the root cause of student drinking and marijuana use – stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Focused on bringing students from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program together to help one another deal with stress
  • Asked to be on the agenda at school staff meetings
 Claudia Sohnleitner

 South College of Florida Collegiate School

 Addressed what they perceive as  the root cause of student drinking and marijuana use – stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Beginning a peer-to-peer mentoring program to reduce stress
  • In the process of becoming school club

 Christen Curley-Edwards