Parents Who Host Lose the Most

Drug Free Manatee’s Parents Who Host, Lose the Most campaign educates parents about the health and safety risks of providing alcohol to teenagers while increasing awareness of, and compliance with, underage drinking laws.

The public awareness program, which has been implemented in all 50 states, targets celebratory times for youth such as homecoming, holidays, prom, and graduation.

Through its Alcohol Task Force, Drug Free Manatee has provided Parents Who Host educational materials, community engagement strategies, and planning tools to parents and community members so they can mobilize, partner, and share the message that teenage alcohol consumption is unacceptable and serving to minors has serious consequences. These materials include flyers, banners and a media campaign advertising House Party, a public service announcement (PSA) Drug Free Manatee produced based on the principles of Parents Who Host.



  • In 2015, the House Party PSA ran in the Royal Palm Theater during the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, reaching a captive audience of 125,000 people during a 13-week period
  • The House Party PSA also ran on Spectrum networks during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day (2015/2016) and then again during prom and graduation season, reaching 82.7% of households in Manatee County, 9.9 times with a total of 744 commercials
  • In 2016, the House Party PSA ran on Spectrum networks 55 times from 12/19 – 12/26 reaching 47.1% homes, 1.6 times with 63,074 Impressions. A second week during New Year’s ran 55 times, reaching 36.8% of homes, 1.5 times with 68,794 Impressions.
  • The House Party PSA ran at Manatee High School home games on 9/5/16, 9/16/16, 9/30/16 and 10/14/16 (stadium has an average capacity of 5,000 for a potential reach of 20,000)
  • The House Party PSA played at Royal Palm Theater in Bradenton from 11/25/16 to 01/08/17 reaching a captive audience of 156,000 viewers

Drug Free Manatee has also provided high schools with banners to display at their school and gives out flyers and rack cards at community events.