header-marijuanaMarijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the United States.

It is one of the leading substances reported in arrests, emergency room visits, and substance abuse treatment admissions.

Marijuana use continues to rise among youth; nearly 50% of high school students have used marijuana.

Over 84% of Manatee County students admitted for substance abuse treatment report marijuana as their primary drug of choice.


Risk Factors

The strongest predictors of marijuana use were (other) substance use by adolescents themselves and their peers; delinquency; and school-related problems. Other risk factors:

  • Daily activities: Low levels of engagement in prosocial activities (e.g., physical activity, sports, volunteer and religious activities)
  • Psychological health: Intrapersonal difficulty (e.g., conflict and misunderstood relationships), poor control of emotions, depression and anxiety
  • Personality: Limited inner resources to cope with stress; poor self-concept; deviance, rebelliousness, being unempathetic, and unconventionality
  • School situation: Poor academic performance, low connectedness to school, truancy, and school dropout
  • Family functioning: Poor, inconsistent family management practices; family conflict; low bonding; poor parental monitoring; and lack of structure and rules
  • Rough living: Greater use of other substances and substance-using friend