By Program Coordinator Ally Bergmann

Did you know Drug Free Manatee trains groups of teens and advisers to address problems in their schools?

What an amazing first year for our Youth in Action students- they identified problems, set goals, and accomplished so much! We can’t wait to do it all over again when school starts. Faculty advisers are busy wrapping up this school year with their teams and are looking forward to recruiting new students for the fall.

They and their students have big ideas and are looking forward to continuing their prevention work next year. To prepare new (and returning) students for this, Drug Free Manatee will be hosting about 90 Youth in Action students for another training workshop at DaySpring in Ellenton on September 16 and 17, as we did last year. Of course, students will be learning how to use the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to identify and impact problems in their schools, but they will also receive training in a new program this year called “You’re Not Alone” that will empower them to develop skills to support their peers and enhance their own mindfulness and coping skills.

Additionally, students will have fun participating in more teambuilding activities than at last year’s training and, to help everyone decompress, they will even be engaging in some friendly competition on Saturday night. Tug-of-War, anyone? Drug Free Manatee is so excited to provide such a wonderful opportunity to these students; we can’t wait to see what they accomplish next year!