Addiction Crisis Taskforce (ACT)

ACT LOGOManatee County is actively working with other community partners to address  an opioid overdose crisis.

Drug Free Manatee convened ACT in 2015  to address this complex problem through a multi-faceted approach and collaboration between the Coalition, public health, clinical medicine and public safety at every level, recognizing that no one agency or organization acting alone has the capacity to significantly impact the problem.Current local efforts by ACT span six domains that address the primary drivers of abuse and overdose: prevention education, public awareness, harm reduction, access to treatment, medically-assisted treatment and public policy.

Our partners include. but are not limited to: Emergency Medical Services, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Centerstone, Manatee County Government, Manatee Memorial Hospital, State College of Florida, Bradenton Police Department, Blake Medical Center, Drug Free Manatee, Manatee Technical Institute; Suncoast Behavioral Health Center, Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, Florida Department of Health – Manatee, Healthy Start, Manatee County School District, Manatee County Rural Health, Family Safety Alliance, and Operation Par.

ACT Accomplishments

  • Prevention and Education Information
    • Practitioner Education Workshops for nurses, physicians and emergency medical service personal reached over 400 practitioners
    • METV series Up Close: the Heroin Epidemic
  • Public Awareness and Media Campaign
    • Over 11,000 Secure/Monitor/Dispose were distributed to all local partners and throughout the community
    • Good Samaritan cards are distributed to everyone discharged from jail who was incarcerated on drug charges
    • More than 2,000 Good Samaritan cards into the community
    • More than 7,000 age appropriate Good Samaritan cards were distributed to school children
    • Your Life Matters cards are given to every overdose victim by first responders
    • More than 12,000 Deterra Disposal System pouches  were distributed throughout the community
    • 106,000 inserts with information on drug disposal sites were inserted into water bills
    • Distributed more than 3,000 pharmacy bag slips with disposal information on them
    • An ongoing social media campaign has reached millions
    • A Secure/Monitor/Dispose PSA is being broadcast (January 11 through June)
    • A Good Samaritan PSA is being broadcast from 6 p.m. to midnight on Brighthouse networks (January 11 through June)
    • Safe disposal site information was published in news outlets and community newsletters
    • A student version of the Good Samaritan postcard was distributed though Manatee County School District  HOPE classes
  • Local Resources for Addicts
    • Drug Free Manatee expanded its Your Life Matters campaign across the Suncoast region and added language about the overdose reversal drug naloxone (Narcan)
    • ACT is currently advocating for a central receiving facility in Manatee County
  • Policy Changes
    • Local law enforcement agencies have adopted new protocol in regards to the Marchman Act
    • Local law  Enforcement agencies are promoting the Good Samaritan Act which offers people who report overdoses protection for simple possession