Addiction Crisis Taskforce (ACT)
Manatee County is in an opioid overdose crisis. Drug Free Manatee convened ACT to address this complex problem through a multi-faceted approach and collaboration between the Coalition, public health, clinical medicine and public safety at every level, recognizing that no one agency or organization acting alone has the capacity to significantly impact the problem. Current local efforts by ACT span eight domains that address the primary drivers of abuse and overdose: surveillance, drug abuse prevention, patient and public education, provider education, clinical practice tools, regulatory and oversight activities, drug abuse treatment, and overdose prevention.

Alcohol Task Force (ATF)
Drug Free Manatee convened an Alcohol Task Force in October 2012 that includes Coalition staff, community representatives from law enforcement, retail vendors, alcohol distributors, festival organizers, recovery community, parents, school district and youth. The Task Force is charged specifically to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate Underage Drinking prevention initiatives.

Prescription Drug Task Force
The Prescription Drug Task Force focuses on safety and wellness concerns related to practitioners-prescribed medications. This includes initiatives addressing safe prescribing (Practitioner Education), safe storage and disposal (Secure, Monitor, Dispose; Drug Drop Kiosks, Spring Cleaning, DEA Take Back events), and diversion prevention.

Emerging Issues Task Force
The Emerging Trends Task Force focuses on identifying substances of abuse that have the potential to become a threat to the well-being of our residents. Environmental strategies for prevention are then developed and implemented in an effort to stay ahead of the problems facing our community.