A White House press release used Drug Free Manatee’s community opioid education workshops as an example of the ways coalitions across the country are making a difference in their communities.

The purpose of the press release, sent out September 20, 2017 and entitled “White House Policy Awards $89 Million to Largest Ever Number of Local Coalitions to Prevent Youth Substance Abuse,” was to announce funding for the Drug Free Communities Support Program. The program funds over 700 coalitions across the country including Drug Free Manatee, which is one of the recipients of this grant.

The press release mentioned a series of nine workshops that was sponsored by Drug Free Manatee. The  “Opioid Overdose Prevention Series” educated 424 local healthcare and social service practitioners on a variety of topics ranging from safe prescribing practices to spotting signs of addiction in patients or clients.

Last April, National Evaluators representing the Office of National Drug Control Policy visited Drug Free Manatee and evaluated the program’s effectiveness with regards to the opioid epidemic. The evaluators lauded the multi-level approaches Drug Free Manatee was taking to address the crisis.

You can learn more about Drug Free Manatee’s approaches on our website: drugfreemanatee.org/ACT