Alcohol Task Force (ATF)


Alcohol Task Force (ATF) provides oversight to all of Drug Free Manatee’s alcohol-focused initiatives.

In 2012, ATF  adopted Ohio’s Drug Free Action Alliance’s proven social hosting environmental strategy ‘Parents Who Host Lose the Most.’ PWH activities have led to a steady decline in both middle school and high school past 30-day use rates though 2014. In fact, alcohol use rates among teens in Manatee County dropped over 40 percent while the reduction for binge drinking was over 50 percent!
In order to sustain these gains during 2015-16, the Drug Free Manatee:

  • Rebranded the campaign with our logo
  • Created a public service announcement “Statistics” that played on Brighthouse networks from April –June during the Bay News 9 update at noon, 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. The ad reached an estimated 200,000 homes per week.
  • Created a social hosting PSA, “House Party,” which ran during previews at the Carmike Royal Palm Theater from April through June, reaching a captive audience of 80,000 viewers
  • In November of 2015,“House Party” ran 7,280 times over a 13-week period at Royal Palm during the premier of “Star Wars: the Force Awakens;” it was seen by a captive audience of 125,000
  • “House Party” is currently (2016) running on Brighthouse networks; it is scheduled to play 744 times, eventually reaching 96% of households in Manatee County 9.9 times
  • Drug Free Manatee provided persistent visual messaging with banners at six middle schools and seven high school entrances as well as yard signs around public buildings and private residences

ID Scanners
id-e-01_w_case-newIn 2009, Drug Free Manatee purchased ID scanners to loan out during local events in order to make it easier for servers to detect fake IDs or underage patrons trying to purchase alcohol. The ID scanners read the magnetic stripe of all drivers’ licenses and ID cards in the U.S. and Canada, then calculate and display age and date of birth of the cardholder.
In order to use the scanners, the event coordinator must complete a Safe Festival Training Course that educates them and their volunteers/employees on the best alcohol serving practices during their busy event.
The training is entirely free and can be completed online with just a couple of clicks. Once the course is completed, a short test is administered and staff members at Drug Free Manatee are notified via email.

If you are interested in participating in our Alcohol Task Force, sign up here!