About Us

Concerned about the negative effects that alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are having on your community?  Join us and make a difference!

The Manatee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (Drug Free Manatee) was founded in 2001. We develop community partnerships that implement comprehensive, evidence-based environmental strategies to prevent and reduce substance abuse while promoting health and wellness throughout the county, especially among youth.

The coalition is data driven. With knowledge about risk and protective factors, we implement researched-based strategies that provide information and support;  enhance skills;  change community norms to encourage health and wellness; modify/change policies; improve access and reduce barriers to resources.

Drug Free Manatee is a 501C3 and receives grant support from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration for Drug Free Communities Support Program, the Florida Department of Children and Families and through local contributions.


Drug Free Manatee is a substance abuse prevention coalition promoting safety, health and wellness in Manatee County.