Welcome to state and federally recognized Manatee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (Drug Free Manatee).   Our website is designed to help you find resources as well as to educate you and involve you in prevention

Join us and make a difference!  On our site you will find information about the following:  Addiction Crisis Taskforce (ACT) efforts to address heroin/opioid overdoses.  ACT efforts has resulted in  “Your Life Matters” cards identifying treatment resources, a Good Samaritan PSA with the  message “Don’t Leave them Alone, Pick up the Phone”, Rx Drug Kiosks and Deterra Bags to dispose of unused/expired medications (part of our Monitor-Secure-Dispose campaign).  The Alcohol Task Force (ATF) is busy creating safe community festivals.  Festival planners can take our site’s short on-line course and be provided ID scanners to reduce underage drinking at their event.  ATF has launched a Parents Who Host Campaign to educate parents about Florida’s social hosting law.  Drug Free Manatee has also partnered with School Resource Officers to implement Know the Law, helping children make informed decisions.  Lastly, an Emerging Trends Task Force has been launched and will focus on e-cigarettes and the impact of marijuana legalization in Florida.

Attend one of the meetings listed on the calendar below and be part of the solution.  Manatee County is your community. If you found our site because you need help, call Drug Free Manatee at 941-749-3030 or go to the top of this home page and click on About.  The drop down menu has Contact Us for staff emails.  

Preventing and reducing substance use is a community issue and we need you.  We will be more successful creating safety, health and wellness if community members across the lifespan – youth, parents, health professionals, businesses, youth serving organizations, educators, media, law enforcement, etc., work together to identify and implement prevention strategies.  Join us – we need you!

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Building Youth Leaders

Are you a natural leader who wants to hone your skills in order to make a difference? Drug Free Manatee is recruiting high school students for a weekend-long retreat where they will develop leadership skills in order to provide a positive influence at their high... read more

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